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So you can best evaluate the procedures of the Cellular Medicine Association, you’ll be mailed a box that includes:

  • Research binder with the latest scientific research
  • A physical sample of products and printed books

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Online PRP Training Courses for Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurses

Join the Cellular Medicine Association and become certified to administer renowned medical procedures like the O-Shot®, Priapus Shot®, Vampire Breast Lift,® Facial and Facelift – all of which have been featured on television shows, websites, social media platforms and major publications!

Qualified physicians, physician assistants , nurses or other healthcare professionals can take part in an online training program offered by CMA. On successful completion of this course you will be able to leverage existing global demand for these treatments safely providing patients with optimal outcomes.

What do You Receive as a Certified Provider?

Have you been wanting to offer beneficial and profitable platelet-rich plasma procedures within your practice but didn’t know where or how to get training and support?

The Cellular Medicine Association provides everything you need to get started, from training and marketing materials to using our trademarked names. As a certified provider, you can offer patients safe, effective procedures that generate a high income for your practice.

As a member of the Cellular Medicine Association, there are no limits to what you can achieve. We provide all the resources and support you need to succeed as a certified provider of the O-Shot, P-Shot, Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Breast List or Vampire Hair Restoration.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Sexual Health & Aesthetics

Discover a world of possibilities at the forefront of medical advances. Join an esteemed community dedicated to exploring innovative and effective solutions for sexual wellness and aesthetic regenerative medicine, led by Dr. Runels’ unique procedures. For those seeking freedom from insurance-based financial burden as well as improved treatment options beyond surgery or pharmaceuticals, you’ll find powerful new alternatives through our network – perfect for any anti-aging clinic, medical spa or regenerative provider aiming to expand their menu of services!


Priapus Shot®

Vampire Procedures

Online PRP Training In Three Easy Steps

Register to Become a Licensed Provider of the CMA

During the application process, you'll select the procedures for which you'd like to become certified to perform. Once your application is submitted, Dr. Runels will review and approve your application for training within 24 hours.

Watch Online Training Videos & Pass a Simple Quiz

PRP training consists of medically explicit didactic videos instructing you how to perform the procedure. Videos cover each step of the process from drawing blood, centrifuge settings, injection techniques, and more.

Receive Your Certificate & Be Added to the Directories

You'll be mailed a physical certificate to be displayed prominently in your clinic or treatment room. As an approved provider you'll be added to each of the appropriate online directories for the procedures for which you're licensed.

Why Do I Need To Pay A Monthly Fee?

Patients searching for restored sexual function have seen the terms “O-Shot,” “P-Shot” and “Vampire Facelift” used in publications such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Allure, Women’s Health and People. These brands offer social proof that patients trust when it comes to penis restoration procedures–so why not take advantage of them? By using these recognizable names you can expedite your path to success since these labels are already associated with quality results. 

As a provider, you can recoup your yearly membership cost with just one patient. This is the assurance given by Dr. Runels to ensure that only those who are completely satisfied with their experience stay in his program – offering an unbeatable 90-day money back guarantee for any reason whatsoever provides confidence and reduces risk almost entirely! Cancellation will simply require you to stop usage of trademarks associated with these services.

Is Online Training Right For Me?

With Dr. Runels’ expertise in regenerative medicine, practitioners now have the ability to make a difference in their patients’ lives without ever having to step into his training facility in Fairhope, AL! Through medical videos of procedures with full explanations and convenient online learning sessions, you can take your training at whatever pace works best for you – making sure that all information is retained or even divide up lessons throughout your schedule so no detail goes unaccounted for. With these options available, there’s never been an easier way to become an experienced provider as soon as possible!

Enhance your professional medical capabilities from the comfort of home or office! Dr. Charles Runels’ online training offers a cost effective alternative to live classes, allowing you greater flexibility and convenience in developing new skills at an affordable price. You can dive directly into cutting-edge strategies with videos, webinars and courses that provide visual learners with hands on experience virtually replicating those found in physical settings – plus tuition is considerably less than traditional programs if all six procedures are completed! It’s also possible to pay for certification only as desired per procedure or get certified first then add more later as needed.

How Long Does The PRP Training Take?

As a provider, you have the opportunity to become certified in performing Dr. Runels’ procedures with our online training! Through 24/7 access to medically explicit videos and resources via an on-demand portal, you can complete your certification at your own pace – typically over the course of one weekend if starting Friday morning. In addition, we provide lifetime membership for continued use so that should refreshers be necessary during practice again later down the line they are right at hand when needed!

What's Included In The Training & Membership?

Get the 24/7 support you need to reach your goals with this exclusive access! Receive training videos, patient consent forms, and protocol guides that enable you to perform Dr. Runels’ trademarked procedures. Not only will you be proudly listed in a directory of approved providers for each procedure certified by Dr. Runel – but national advertising & press exposure can help increase demand as well! Furthermore all materials needed are provided along with sources so there’s no guess-work involved – plus direct communication channels making sure it’s easy stay connected with both him and his team any time day or night if necessary.

Who Is Eligible To Take The PRP Training Courses?

Are you looking to advance your medical career or grow your practice by taking PRP training? Make sure that you have the right qualifications first! The ACCMA is able to provide these services for nurses, doctors, physicians assistants and many other general practitioners. Dentists can get certified in either Vampire Facelift or Vampire Facial while phlebotomists are limited only to the latter procedure. 

For any queries regarding qualification requirements please feel free contact us directly – however if you’re a Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Naturopath, Beauty Therapist, or Chiropractor then Dr. Runels unfortunately does not train people from those professions at this time. 

As a rule of thumb, if you are licensed by your medical board to perform injectables like filler and toxins, then you can perform the PRP procedures. It is recommended that you have experience with these injectables before training.