Frequently Asked Questions

How will these procedures help me grow my practice?

At $97/mo for the O-Shot® for example and an average profit of roughly $1200-1500 per patient, you’d need 1-2 patients a year to justify the cost of membership. Most of our providers are performing several a month and many much more.

If you choose to get certified via Dr. Runels’ online PRP training and become a licensed provider, you would be granted the right to use the trademarked terms on your website, social media, print material, and other marketing items.

To help maximize your exposure, we also list you on our directory of approved providers which is often times the place where a new patient will start their search (or double check) to make sure they’re going to someone who is properly trained in Dr. Runel’s techniques.

Offering regenerative cellular medicine certainly isn’t for everyone but if you’re ready to offer cutting edge therapies, we’d be happy to invite you to join the hundreds of other providers who are successfully offering our procedures and attracting new patients through their doors.

Is online training right for me?

With Dr. Runels’ expertise in regenerative medicine, practitioners now have the ability to make a difference in their patients’ lives without ever having to step into his training facility in Fairhope, AL! Through medical videos of procedures with full explanations and convenient online learning sessions, you can take your training at whatever pace works best for you – making sure that all information is retained or even divide up lessons throughout your schedule so no detail goes unaccounted for. With these options available, there’s never been an easier way to become an experienced provider as soon as possible!

Enhance your professional medical capabilities from the comfort of home or office! Dr. Charles Runels’ online training offers a cost effective alternative to live classes, allowing you greater flexibility and convenience in developing new skills at an affordable price. You can dive directly into cutting-edge strategies with videos, webinars and courses that provide visual learners with hands on experience virtually replicating those found in physical settings – plus tuition is considerably less than traditional programs if all six procedures are completed! It’s also possible to pay for certification only as desired per procedure or get certified first then add more later as needed.

How long does the training take?

Online training consists of medically explicit videos detailing Dr. Runels and other doctors performing, explaining, and going through the procedure. You will have access to the online training portal where you will have 24/7-On-Demand access to watch the training videos and go through the course at your own pace. Most people can complete one of the training classes over the weekend.

If you start the O-Shot training on Friday you can be ready to perform the procedure by Monday morning.

As a provider you have continued access for the lifetime of your membership if you need a refresher at any point.

What is included in the training and membership?

  • 24/7 access to online training videos, patient consent forms, protocol guides, access to webinars, etc.
  • License to use the trademarked procedure names in your marketing.
  • You’ll be listed on the directory of approved providers for each procedure you’re certified for to increase your exposure to new patients.
  • National advertising and press to increase demand for Dr. Runels’ procedures.
  • List of materials needed & recommended sources for those materials.
  • Direct access to Dr. Runel’s personal cell number and staff for support.

Do I get a certificate of completion?

You have to pass a simple quiz to ensure you understood the information presented within the training videos. Afterwards, within two weeks, you will receive your certificate in the mail.

We encourage you to place the certificate prominently in your practice as it designates you as certified and licensed to perform the procedures in which you’ve been trained.

What are the qualifications for performing the procedures?

You need a valid medical license. Currently, the ACCMA is able to train: MD, DO, PA, RN, NP, LPN, and more. Phlebotomists can only perform the Vampire Facial. Dentists can only perform either the Vampire Facelift or Vampire Facial.

Dr. Runels is NOT able to train: Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Naturopaths, Beauty Therapists, and Chiropractors. As a rule of thumb, if you are licensed by your medical board to perform injectables like fillers and toxins, then you can perform the PRP procedures. It is recommended that you have experience with toxins or fillers before going through the training.

Will I need a supervising physician?

If you’re a physician then you are eligible to enroll in training for any of Dr. Runels’ procedures.

If you are licensed to inject fillers and toxins then chances are you are qualified to inject PRP. Some states require a supervising physician and some give nurses independent practice authority to administer the procedure.

If your state/province does require for you to have a supervising physician, then Dr. Runels does as well. If you have full practice authority and have an eligible medical degree and active license then you’re welcome to register to become a licensed provider.

Why do I need to pay a monthly fee?

Patients searching for restored sexual function have seen the terms “O-Shot,” “P-Shot” and “Vampire Facelift” used in publications such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Allure, Women’s Health and People. These brands offer social proof that patients trust when it comes to penis restoration procedures–so why not take advantage of them? By using these recognizable names you can expedite your path to success since these labels are already associated with quality results. 

As a provider, you can recoup your yearly membership cost with just one patient. This is the assurance given by Dr. Runels to ensure that only those who are completely satisfied with their experience stay in his program – offering an unbeatable 90-day money back guarantee for any reason whatsoever provides confidence and reduces risk almost entirely! Cancellation will simply require you to stop usage of trademarks associated with these services.

Why are the procedures trademarked?

Trademarking creates a standardized protocol to ensure the procedures you get from one provider are the same as another. Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the procedures trains each member the same way; the same treatment you’d get in New York City is the same treatment you get in Miami.

Dr. Runels’ treatments are recognized, demanded and trusted across the world. The trademarks that protect them are an invaluable business asset of the ACCMA’s, and yours too if you become an approved provider.

In a nutshell, trademarking allows the Cellular Medicine Association to:

  • Prevent anyone from pricing the procedures too low, thereby lowering the market price.
  • Prevent anyone from damaging the brands reputation by performing a procedure incorrectly.
  • Protect you as a provider (as well as the patient) from competing with those who haven’t been properly trained to provide the treatments with a high degree of efficacy.

How much can I reasonably charge my clients for these procedures?

The procedures range anywhere between $1000 to $2000 per procedure. The price is based on demand. If you’re in Los Angeles, for example, the prices can typically range higher than say, if you were in a small town in Oklahoma.

Here is a typical cost breakdown, with lower and higher ranges. This is how much you can expect to make per patient, per procedure.

  • O-Shot: $1200-$1800
  • P-Shot: $1200-$1800
  • Vampire Breast Lift: $1200-$1800
  • Vampire Facelift: $800-1200
  • Vampire Facial: $600-$1000

Dr. Runels has a minimum that you can advertise the procedures for. These minimums are in place to protect all providers so that one provider doesn’t undercut the market in terms of price, and devalue the procedures.

*If you have a long standing relationship with a patient, or they are coming in for multiple procedures, then you may give them a discount; you just can’t advertise the procedure at a lower price than what is minimally required.

What costs will I have in performing these procedures?

  1. Centrifuge: (One time investment) $1000-$12,000 (some vendors may even lease you the machine if you purchase the kits from them each month)
  2. PRP Kits: $50-$200 per patient
  3. Being licensed to offer and advertise Dr. Runels’ procedure trademarks.
  4. Numbing cream, needles, and other misc items: estimate $20 per patient

Refer to our guide on the profitability of PRP to help you decide if it makes good business sense for your practice.

* For the Vampire Facial, you’ll need an FDA approved microneedling device that can be safely used with Platelet Rich Plasma.

How long will it take me to perform these treatments with my clients?

Anywhere between 5 minutes to 30 minutes per patient, depending on how much prep work your medical assistant can do for you.

The part of the procedure that requires the provider’s touch involves the actual injection.

If desired, a medical assistant can perform the other parts of the procedure, thereby reducing your time spent (i.e. drawing blood, spinning the blood in a centrifuge, applying numbing cream).

Are there any discounts available for training and certification?

Yes, the only discount offered is for the Vampire Bundle online training.

The Vampire Bundle gives you access to the training and certification needed to perform the following procedures:

The Vampire Breast Lift®
The Vampire Facelift®
The Vampire Facial®
PRP for Hair Restoration
The price of the Vampire Bundle is $997 then $97/month.

If purchased separately, training for all of the above mentioned procedures would end up costing you $1691 (for the training) and $241 (monthly fee).